Lotus Private School was founded in 2016 in Mpongwe, Zambia and opened her doors in 2018. We opened our doors with three classrooms and an office with a storeroom. Throughout the years we continued expanding the school so the pupils could continue within the school. At the start of the school year of 2021, six classrooms, an office, a storeroom, three double pit latrines and a borehole with access to clean water were established.


A private school with affordable rates, because giving education to the children is more important than making a lot of profit. We want a school with smaller classes, a bigger focus on improving the self-esteem of the children, support their emotional development, fulfill their potential, notice if they need extra support with learning (if they have autism, ADHD or dyslexia for example) and educate more creative subjects like music, crafts and art.

Besides this we want to offer more than the standard curriculum. Earlier classes of history and geography and a bigger focus on reading and writing. This so we can help to put the illiteracy rate down.

Furthermore, we want in the future that the school can cater its own OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) project. These children should be given the chance to go to our school, but without their parents/guardians paying for them. Of course, research, interviews and visits are needed to check if these children are really vulnerable and if nobody else can help them.

Lastly, in the far future we would like to add an additional language (French for example) and host international and national students for teaching our children in the school.


Like said before, we want to put more focus on reading, writing, the development of the child and add more creative subjects.

Each child should have a personal file with relevant information. Parents should also be more involved with the school career of their child and will get after each term an invitation from the class teacher to have an informative conversation about their child.

Also said before, children with learning difficulties or disorders should be approached differently. For children with example ADHD or autism should be approached differently and pupils who have dyslexia should get more time to finish tests or assignments.